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Friday 27th October 2017

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Persian Calligraphy, Nasta'liq Script
25/09/2017 6:30pm - 27/11/2017 8:30pm
This ten-week course is suitable for all levels, from beginners to advanced. Although, previous knowledge of Persian language is not necessary for beginners, familiarity with the alphabet is an advantage. This is an exercise-based course on the writing techniques of the Nasta'liq script which is constantly engaged with Persian language and literature. You will also learn about the theory and history of Islamic calligraphy. The course will start with a general introduction to most Islamic calligraphy styles and traditional tools and materials.
New Perspectives on the Political Economy of the Middle East
27/10/2017 9:00am - 28/10/2017 5:00pm
Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies and Oxford Department of International Department
The purpose of this workshop is to bring together researchers working on different aspects of economic development in the Middle East, with a particular emphasis on economic policies which could and/or should be implemented by governments in the region.
From 'Sort of Muslim' to 'Proud to be Alevi': Young British Alevis and Identity
27/10/2017 6:00pm - 27/10/2017 7:30pm
Aga Khan University's Institute for the Study of Muslim Civilisations
This presentation explains how the negative identity of second-generation Alevis in the UK has been transmitted intergenerationally, linked to their history of persecuted exclusion in Turkey and to the transnational settlement of Alevi migrants in the UK, and how this sense of marginalisation and invisibility in the receiving country can be addressed. Education is identified as a starting point for the underachievement and disaffection of Alevi pupils, which can lead them into more serious trouble and descent into the rainbow underclass.
Pop Art from North Africa
22/09/2017 12:00pm - 04/11/2017 4:00pm
P21 Gallery
The ‘Pop Art from North Africa' will showcase the artworks of fifteen creative individuals from North Africa who are inspired by the Pop Art movement. Every country in the region is represented, including artists from Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt and Libya as well as their diasporas living in Europe. In the style of one of the 20th century's most influential movements that was spearheaded by Eduardo Paolozzi and Richard Hamilton in 1950s Britain, the works tackle the social, political and cultural environments unique to North Africa.
The Worlds of Mandaean Priests Documenting an Endangered Religion
19/10/2017 9:00am - 22/12/2017 3:00pm
Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies, University of Exeter
Mandaeans, sometimes called Sabians, practise an ancient and endangered religion. Conflict in the Middle East has forced them out of their homelands in Iraq and Iran in ever greater numbers. Although Mandaeans depend on their priests for preserving religious knowledge and performing complex rituals, fewer than 50 priests now remain worldwide. We have interviewed priests, recorded the key rituals and shot documentary films in the largest communities of Australia and Sweden.
Memory Metamorphosis
25/10/2017 9:00am - 30/11/2017 11:30am
NYU-London and the Centre for Palestine Studies, SOAS
When a people's history, culture and existence are being altered or erased, holding onto memories and passing them down can be an act of resistance. This exhibition explores and preserves Palestinian diasporic memory through art.