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Populist politics and the minority voice: British Muslims, extremisms and inclusion
19/04/2018 9:00am
Muslims in Britain Research Network
Across Europe and North America populist parties and leaders have surged in recent years. This one-day conference on ‘Populist politics and the minority voice' will discuss the effects of these changes on British Muslims, and how the concerns of British Muslims relate to those of other minority groups as well as wider debates about the future of liberal states, free speech and ‘fake news'. Since at least the 1970s, British Muslims – as a group and alongside other minorities – have been involved in a struggle for rights, for media and political representation and for recognition.
BBC Arabic Festival
21/04/2018 9:00am - 25/04/2018 5:00pm
BBC Arabic Festival
The BBC Arabic Festival screens bold and diverse short films and documentaries about the social and political changes taking place in the Arab world today. Now in our fourth year, we have a new focus on digital journalism to explore the changing landscape of our media. Our unique and timely programme includes special talks and exclusive presentations by award-winning journalists and filmmakers as well as music and comedy from the Arab world.
Government and Politics of the Middle East and Arabic or Persian Language
18/06/2018 9:00am - 19/07/2018 5:00pm
This course serves as an introduction to the politics of North Africa (Maghreb), the Arab East (Mashriq) including the Gulf and the Arabian Peninsula, Israel, Turkey and Iran. It gives - on a country by county basis - an overview of the major political issues and developments in the region since the end of the First World War and addresses key themes in the study of contemporary Middle East politics, including: the role of the military, social and economic level.
New Approaches to Studying the Middle East - BRISMES Annual Conference 2018
25/06/2018 9:00am - 28/06/2018 5:00pm
BRISMES and the Department of Middle Eastern Studies, King's College, London
BRISMES and the Department of Middle Eastern Studies at King's College London invite proposals for the 2018 Annual BRISMES Conference on the theme of ‘New Approaches to Studying the Middle East'. Middle Eastern studies has been undergoing a quiet revolution over the past decade. As scholars have grappled with explaining unfolding events in the region, the field has seen a heightened level of reflection on theoretical models, concepts, sources, and methodologies, as well as on the politics and ethics of Middle Eastern studies. No presenters welcome.
Worldviews in World View: Particularizing Secularism, Secularity and Nonreligion
05/07/2018 9:00am - 06/07/2018 5:00pm
Nonreligion and Secularity Research Network
The deadline for abstract submission (250 words max) is 27 October 2017. Please send your abstract and a short biographical note to
Seminar for Arabian Studies
03/08/2018 9:00am - 05/08/2018 5:00pm
Seminar for Arabian Studies
This is the only annual forum for the presentation of the latest academic research on the Arabian Peninsula, including archaeology, history, epigraphy, languages, literature, art, culture, ethnography, geography, etc. from the earliest times to the present day or, in the case of political and social history, to the end of the Ottoman Empire (1922).