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Beyond Oil, Sheikhs and Security: Plotting New Trajectories in Gulf Studies
02/07/2018 9:00am - 03/07/2018 5:00pm
Centre for Gulf Studies, University of Exeter
Taking this as an occasion to reflect on the state of our field, the aim of this Conference is to explore the identity and viability of the very notion of Gulf Studies. How has the Gulf been discursively constructed as an area of study? To what extent has theoretical metonymy discouraged conceptual innovation?
"Uses of the Past in Islamic Legal Thought and Practice"
07/07/2018 9:00am - 14/07/2018 5:00pm
University of Exeter
We are inviting advanced doctoral students and early career researchers (see definitions below) in the area of Islamic Legal Studies, to apply to participate in the USPPIP Summer School. USPPIP is a collaborative project of the universities of Exeter, Bergen, Göttingen and Leiden. The project (running from 2016 to 2018) aims to explore how the past is employed in Islamic legal thought and practice with a focus on the areas of violence, the state, gender and custom.
Graceful Runes
12/04/2018 9:00am - 13/06/2018 5:00pm
Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies, University of Exeter
A photographic series on Language, Calligraphy and Design by Dahlia Mahmoud. Travelling through the Arabian Gulf, hearing stories passed on from mothers to their daughters like heirlooms triggered this series of images. The exhibition is open from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. For further information please email IAIS Manager, Nikki Clews: