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Wednesday 14th February 2018

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Visual Arts in the Maghreb and the Middle East -
12/02/2018 9:00am - 14/02/2018 5:00pm
The second doctoral workshop ‘Visual Arts in the Maghreb and the Middle East 19th-­21st century' will examine the employment of terminologies that take into account temporality in art and the historiographic issues raised by these terminologies. The study of discourse on the arts shows that terms like ‘modern', ‘contemporary', ‘present-­?day', and ‘avant-garde' are often used interchangeably. Abstracts by 30 November.
Architecture in medieval Persian painting: fact or fantasy?
14/02/2018 6:30pm
Iran Heritage Foundation
How did Persian painters tackle both the depiction of architecture and the actual process of construction? Several scholars have studied the first topic, but very few have investigated the second. In neither case is the term "realism" appropriate, but the conventions for depicting architecture in Persian painting are a fascinating study in themselves, while close analysis of three later medieval paintings of workmen on building sites reveals many surprises. The lecture will show how comfortably Persian painters operated within what to a Western eye might seem like constricting conventions.