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Webinar: ?What is a State without the People??: Statehood Obsession and Denial of Rights in Palestine
10/06/2020 1:00pm
Chatham House
In this webinar, part of the Chatham House project on the future of the state in the Middle East and North Africa, Alaa Tartir will discuss the article's main arguments through the prism of recent developments in Israeli-Palestinian relations, namely, Israel's new government's plans to annex parts of the West Bank.
A WORLD IN REVOLUTION - feminist politics in times of social uprisings
18/06/2020 9:00am
LSE Department of Gender Studies
This conference, organised by LSE staff and students, aims to critically think through what it might mean to engage with the current generative political moment from a transnational, anti-colonial and anti-racist feminist standpoint. Call for papers: Deadline for submission: 24 April 2020