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Covering Libya: Journalism, Competition for Media Space and the Societal Impact
15/07/2020 2:00pm
Chatham House
This webinar, part of the Chatham House MENA Programme online events series, will bring together journalists and analysts to explore how local and international coverage of Libya has evolved, how traditional media and social media have been utilised by rival factions, and the impact of this on Libyan society.
Webinar: The Global Influence of The Arabian Nights
16/07/2020 4:00pm
The Bookseller supported by The Sheikh Zayed Book Award
Spanning centuries and continents, The Arabian Nights is a monument to world literature and the ageless art of storytelling. The impact and legacy of the Nights is often underestimated, although its influence on modern literature - from Marcel Proust and James Joyce to Vladimir Nabokov and Margaret Atwood - is unmistakable. This discussion will unpack the legacy of the Nights and explore its place in western literary traditions.
Towards a national languages strategy webinar
20/07/2020 4:00pm
British Academy
Languages are strategically vital for the future of the UK, as we look to recover from the coronavirus pandemic and strengthen our relationships across the world. We need urgent, concerted and coordinated action at all levels from primary schools through to university and beyond to address the inadequate, longstanding, and worsening supply of the language skills needed by the UK to meet future needs. The British Academy, working with AHRC, ASCL, the British Council and UUK, present proposals for a UK-wide national languages strategy.