Shadow wars: the Secret struggle for the Middle East - Dr Christopher Davidson talks about his new book
14/12/2016 12:30pm - 14/12/2016 1:30pm

For more than a century successive US and UK governments have sought to thwart nationalist, socialist and pro-democracy movements in the Middle East. Through the Cold War, the 'War on Terror' and the present era defined by the Islamic State, the Western powers have repeatedly manipulated the region's most powerful actors to ensure the security of their own interests and, in doing so, given rise to religious politics, sectarian war, bloody counter-revolutions and now one of the most brutal incarnations of Islamic extremism ever seen. Dr.Davidson exposes the dark side of Western foreign policy..

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Dr. Christopher Davidson

United Kingdom



Room 102, SGIA, the Al-Qasimi Building, Elvet Hill Road, Durham DH1 3TU


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