Panel 2F

Writing the Middle East into Settler Colonial Studies: A Transnational Perspective (Roundtable discussion)

13.45 – 15.45

Francesco Amoruso, University of Exeter
Monica Ronchi, University of Exeter
William Gallois, University of Exeter
Katie Natanel, University of Exeter
Stephen Nutt, University of Exeter

The proposed roundtable aims to discuss the impact of a particular type of migration, the movement of settlers to a wide range of locales within the MENA region from the 19th century onwards. Our hope is to open up a conversation on the relevance of the settler colonial framework for the study of the socio-political dynamics of the region. Although extensive research has been carried out on settler colonialism in the context of Palestine, and increasingly in Algeria, our aim is to broaden the focus of settler colonialism to other areas and to suggest the relevance of its influence on the history of the entire region.

This panel stems from the work previously conducted by a collective of scholars – senior academics as well as research students – engaged in research on settler colonialism within the Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies at the University of Exeter. This work follows the organisation of an international conference on Settler Colonialism in Palestine, which involved experts in the field such as Lorenzo Veracini and Ilan Pappe, and is continuing through a monthly reading group exploring a variety of themes relevant to settler colonialism and the study of the MENA region.

We are particularly interested in highlighting the transnational networks that allowed the formation of settler colonies in the region, as well as the forces that resisted and still resist such peculiar forms of domination. Our contribution to the conference will be enriched by the heterogeneous composition of this roundtable, with academics basing their analysis of settler colonialism in a variety of disciplines and methodological approaches.