Copts, Islamists and Jews: gender, minorities, hybridity (and its limits) in two novellas by Bahaa Abdelmegid

9May 16

Sarah Irving

Abstract: Bahaa Abdelmegid’s novellas Saint Theresa and Sleeping with Strangers feature a range of intertwined relations: sexual, commercial, as neighbours, and as colleagues between Jews, Christians and Muslims in Egyptian society since 1967. I argue that Abdelmegid’s Egyptian masculine is fragile, brittle, and under threat from a dissolute West and an extremist and inauthentic Islam. Continue reading →

Consuming Revolution: Ethics, Art and Ambivalence in the Arab Spring

3Dec 12

Nancy Demerdash

A new way to view a Quick Study presentation at NMES

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White Flag of Resistance

20Dec 11

A review article by Yonatan Mendel

Texts reviewed:

Emile Habiby, The Secret Life of Saeed the Pessoptimist, trans. Salma Khadra Jayyusi and Trevor Le Gassick (London: Arabia Books, 2010).

Imīl Ḥabībī, al-Waqāʾiʿ al-Gharbiyya fī Ikhtifāʾ Saʿīd Abī al-Naḥs al-Mutashāʾil (Haifa: Dar Arabesque, 2006).

Imil Ḥabibi, ha-Opsimist: ha-Khroniḳa ha-Muflaʾah shel Heʿalmut Saʿid Abu al-Naḥs al-Mutashaʾil, trans. Anton Shammas (Tel Aviv: ha-Ḳibuts ha-Meʾuḥad, 1995). Continue reading →