Quick Studies

National Dress in the UAE: constructions of authenticity

28Dec 16

Rana Khalid AlMutawa

This quick study analyses constructions of authenticity through national dress in the UAE and Gulf states. The author uses Instagram accounts as archival sources and connects the Instagram discourse to her own anecdotal experience, and the scholarly literature, to diagnose an artificial modernity.

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Consuming Revolution: Ethics, Art and Ambivalence in the Arab Spring

3Dec 12

Nancy Demerdash

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The Iranian Electric Power Industry after the Islamic Revolution: Nuclear Developments and Current Conditions

29Oct 12

Denis Volkov

This quick study analyses Iran’s electric power industry and the role of nuclear power therein. Until 2010, the author worked in this industry and was based in Tehran. In this quick study, he answers the question: “does Iran really need nuclear power?” Continue reading →

Rethinking neo-Salafism through an Emerging Fiqh of Citizenship: The Changing Status of Minorities in the Discourse of Yusuf al-Qaradawi and the ‘School of the Middle Way’

29Oct 12

David H. Warren and Christine Gilmore

This quick study shows that while al-Qaradawi’s early work on the citizenship status of non-Muslims was neo-traditionalist in that it advocated retaining the dhimma system, he has since moved away from this position and is actively engaged in the process of developing an innovative and inclusive theory of “Islamic Citizenship” Continue reading →

An Alternative Representation of Femininity in 1920s Lebanon: Through the Mise-en-Abîme of a Masculine Space.

15Jun 11

Yasmine Nachabe focuses on this 1920s photograph by Marie al-Khazen: Two Women Dressed up in Men’s Suits. Continue reading →

Islam and Dispute Resolution in Central Asia: The Case of Women Muslim Leaders.

15Jun 11

David E. Merrell.

This quick study highlights the need for future research among Muslim leaders, especially women leaders (otinoyi singular; otinoyilar plural), on the neglected topic of how Islam influences dispute resolution in Central Asia. Continue reading →

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26Jul 10

‘Quick Studies’ are shorter (2,000 words maximum / no minimum) pensée-style pieces on any number of topics. Submissions could include, but are not limited to, a discussion of a particularly noteworthy aspect of work in progress, commentary on the direction of a current debate, highlighting of a cross-cutting methodological or theoretical issue, or discussion of a specific place or time neglected by scholarship. Quick Studies can be submitted directly, and the Quick Studies Editor is also always available for discussion of the proposed piece.

Submission standards:

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