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Rethinking neo-Salafism through an Emerging Fiqh of Citizenship: The Changing Status of Minorities in the Discourse of Yusuf al-Qaradawi and the ‘School of the Middle Way’

29Oct 12

David H. Warren and Christine Gilmore

This quick study shows that while al-Qaradawi’s early work on the citizenship status of non-Muslims was neo-traditionalist in that it advocated retaining the dhimma system, he has since moved away from this position and is actively engaged in the process of developing an innovative and inclusive theory of “Islamic Citizenship” Continue reading →

Review of Avi Rubin, Ottoman Nizamiye Courts: Law and Modernity

13Mar 12

Reviewed by Omar Y. Cheta Continue reading →

Review of Timur Kuran, The Long Divergence: How Islamic Law Held Back the Middle East

9Dec 11

Reviewed by Ahmed Fekry Ibrahim Continue reading →

Review of Max Weiss, In the Shadow of Sectarianism: Law, Shiʿism and the Making of Modern Lebanon

9Dec 11

Reviewed by Alexander D. M. Henley Continue reading →

From Medina to Runnymede: Comparing the Foundational Legacies of the Constitution of Medina and the Magna Carta

16Nov 11

Jeremy Kleidosty

Abstract: Identifying an Islamic constitutional tradition can be controversial due to orthodox Muslim understandings of God’s sovereignty and agency. Further complicating such discussions are arguments surrounding Continue reading →

Islam and Dispute Resolution in Central Asia: The Case of Women Muslim Leaders.

15Jun 11

David E. Merrell.

This quick study highlights the need for future research among Muslim leaders, especially women leaders (otinoyi singular; otinoyilar plural), on the neglected topic of how Islam influences dispute resolution in Central Asia. Continue reading →