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Where the AKP Stands: A Manifesto-Based Approach to Party Competition in Turkey

26Mar 15

Salih Bayram

Abstract: Using the Manifesto Project’s dataset, this article considers two questions: Where does the AKP stand vis-à-vis other parties in Turkey? What were the dynamics of party competition in recent Turkish elections? Continue reading →

Review of Cengiz Gunes, The Kurdish National Movement in Turkey: From Protest to Resistance

19Jan 14

Reviewed by Özlem Galip Continue reading →

Review of M. Şükrü Hanioğlu, Atatürk: An Intellectual Biography

18Nov 13

Reviewed by Nikos Christofis Continue reading →

The Ideological Framing of the National Outlook Parties in Turkey

11Apr 12

Feriha Perekli

Abstract: This paper unpacks the ideological framing of the National Outlook (NO) parties in Turkey, focusing on the National Order Party and the National Salvation Party during the 1970s, and the Welfare Party between the years 1983 and 1991. Rejecting violence for the purpose of bringing Continue reading →