Why Publish with NMES?

We have faster peer review and publishing procedures: Our streamlined editorial process and online publishing will allow you to showcase your work far more quickly than is possible with traditional journals.

Your work will be accessible to a wide audience: This journal will be widely available to the general public and not restricted to people with access to JSTOR and similar services.

We are updating the traditional journal format: Most journals in our discipline (both new and old) follow the traditional journal format (articles and book reviews). We offer new formats that expand on the traditional journal.

Our formats for publication are less restrictive than other journals: Although we have kept what we see as the best elements of traditional journals, we are open to far more types of reviews and ‘Quick Studies’.

You will receive feedback on your work: Receiving feedback from different sources is an invaluable part of the writing process. Articles chosen for peer review will receive critiques from our reviewers under a double-blind system.