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MA in Religious Studies from Cardiff University.
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I am a retired professional writer and researcher, having covered a variety of styles and formats, across a broad range of sectors, including education; training; publishing, governmental and public bodies; not-for-profit organisations; and corporate enterprises. I have published lifestyle leaflets for a PSHE programme, material for theatre audiences and schools, and developed a DVD to promote multi-faith chaplaincy in FE colleges. Led by a committee, I produced a training pack on mental health and black and minority ethnic groups, worked as a qualifications writer for Edexcel on their BTEC customised frameworks, and designed and delivered a scriptwriting module at the BBC Centre for Broadcast Skills Training. I have ghosted articles for clients, published under my own byline, and written scripts for professional presenters and actors.
Research description
A keen interest in the Middle East from religious, historical, socio-anthropological perspectives; more specifically, a developed knowledge of Lebanon, on which my doctoral work was focused. My thesis explores Orthodoxy in Lebanon through the eyes of Bishop George Khodr of The Church of Antioch. The work is based around the first approved English translation of his book, The Pathway of Childhood, which is used to explore his theology of the ‘Other’ and its ramifications for Christian-Muslim relations. Themes that are addressed include: - Bishop Khodr’s theology of the ‘Other’ - Christian-Muslim relations - Concept of personhood - Existentialism - Gender equality - Institutionalisation of religion. Interrelated research activities include mysticism and experiential spirituality; and interreligious relations, in both the Western and Eastern theatres of interfaith activity. However, a main focus is on Christian-Muslim relations within an Eastern Christian context. This interest is dualistic in character, stemming from a pragmatic, secular perspective, and from a presumed common denominator of mysticism and experiential spirituality, which includes Sufism. My interest in monasticism and the eremitic way of life springs from this mystical/spiritual dynamic. However, even though my research agenda centres on Eastern Christianity, in particular the Orthodox Church, my interest is not confined to Eastern Christian monasticism, but embraces the Western tradition of monasticism in other Christian denominations. With a background in philosophy as well as theology, my research is rooted in philosophico-theological hermeneutics. This philosophical dimension has additionally been responsible for imbuing my analysis with a theological, existentialistic tone.
Recent publications
'Lebanon in the Middle of Violence' - 'Ethnopolitics Papers' (2015)
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