Nominees for 2022 Elections

Eirik Kvindesland

Eirik Kvindesland

Currently, I am a second-year Norwegian DPhil student in History at Oxford. Supervised by Eugene Rogan and Yaacov Yadgar, I work on Jewish history in the modern Persian Gulf, particularly as it relates to the Zionist movement and Palestine during the British mandate period. I study how conceptions the Palestine question and Zionism travelled to the Persian Gulf, and particularly how it affected the region's Jewish communities. Before starting my DPhil I did a BA in Arabic and History at SOAS (2017) and an MPhil in Modern Middle Eastern Studies in Oxford (2020). After longer stays in the Middle East for work and language studies, I now read and speak Arabic, Persian and Hebrew. I previously spent a year in Nablus studying Arabic and I am currently wrapping a up a 9-month period of archival research in Jerusalem. I have done language courses in Iran, and in 2017 I lived in Saudi Arabia, where I worked for the Norwegian embassy. My work covered political affairs and human rights in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, which gave me experience interacting with governments, NGOs and academic institutions. As the Middle East, and the world more widely, becomes increasingly hostile to provocative ideas and intellectual exchange, I feel a duty to devote some of my energies to supporting academic freedom. I believe BRISMES would a great place to do so. In the committee, I would be happy to work on Israel/Palestine, Iran or the Gulf, depending on what is currently needed. 

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