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Maria Gloria Polimeno

Maria Gloria Polimeno

Maria Gloria is an early career researcher and works as an Assoc. Lecturer in Politics at the University of York. Before moving to the University of York she was a Teaching Associate at the University of Exeter and previously a Teaching Fellow at Exeter, SOAS and the Birkbeck College. She is a Global Expert on Egypt and Tunisia in the V-Dem and the DEMED Project co-funded by the ERC. Gloria held positions as a Middle East and North Africa expert in the GLOBALCIT project funded by the British Academy at the EUI and a visiting researcher at the SOAS Middle East Institute. She holds a PhD in Middle East Politics from the IAIS at the University of Exeter and is a nominated Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

The interest in the BRISMES Committee on Academic Freedom stems directly from my areas of research focused on authoritarianism, and the need to bring a contribution to the defence of the academic freedom across the Middle East and North Africa. The issue of academic freedom, cultural freedom and state violence is something that I also had the change to discuss in my PhD thesis focused on Egypt. These are themes on which I still working also from a comparative perspective (I am currently working on developing a small project on e-authoritarianism and state violence in cyberspace) and as part of Berlin-based research groups (such as SYRASP). This committee represents an opportunity to bring my contribution, offer my time and help in defending fundamental principles and values. Academic knowledge is light, not a threat.

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