Nominees for 2022 Elections

Mohammed Alrmizan

Mohammed Alrmizan

Mohammed Alrmizan is a Saudi Arabian PhD student in the department of journalism, City, University of London since October 2021. In his PhD study, he examines Turkey’s international media, namely the Turkish Radyo Televizonu (TRT) and Turkish public diplomacy from a political communication perspective. He received his MA in Turkish journalism from Istanbul University and his BA in media studies from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. He is native of Arabic and fluent in English and Turkish, and intermediate in French and Spanish. He volunteers in reviewing for several peer-reviewed journals on subjects related to media studies, Turkish and middle eastern politics, and international relations. His latest publication, “Arab diasporic media in Turkey: A story of (trans)national narratives in the Middle East,” Journal of Applied Journalism & Media Studies, 2022, DOI:

I am interested in this committee membership because I want to have myself engaged further with academics and an association that is focused on the Middle East. I do have an interest as well to connect with administrative staff and scholars in BRISMES within this committee for the sake of maintaining its appearances and connectivity with its audiences worldwide.

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