Nominees for 2022 Elections

Neil Russell

Neil Russell

I am an early career academic with a PhD in Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies from the University of Edinburgh, and am currently Lecturer in Politics at Glasgow Caledonian University. I conduct research into authoritarian regimes and Islamist movements, with a particular focus on Egypt. I would like to put myself forward for election to the BRISMES Communications Committee. As a PhD student, I remember feeling that BRISMES’ platforms could be used more effectively to communicate relevant opportunities, such as jobs, grants, and CFPs. Since the creation of the Communications sub-committee in 2020, the distribution of news, events, and opportunities has been very good indeed.

Now in an academic position, I would like to contribute to the continuation of this good work, by drawing on my personal experiences as a graduate student, as well as relevant professional experience. In a previous life, I worked as a Production Journalist at Scottish Television, editing text and video content and uploading it to the website. As a member of the Communications Committee, I would draw on this experience to write clear and concise content for the newsletter, website, and social media platforms. I would increase the visibility of the society by utilizing BRISMES’ multiple platforms to promote the work of members. As a recent PhD graduate and early career academic, I know the importance (and sometimes difficulty) of identifying relevant opportunities to make that transition from student to academic employment. I would therefore strive to identify and increase visibility of such opportunities for BRISMES members, particularly graduate students and early career researchers.

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