BRISMES Early Career Development Prize

About the Prize

The aim of the BRISMES Early Career Development Prize is to support activities geared toward strengthening the academic profile and CV of an early career scholar. Two prizes of £2,000 each are available. Eligible activities include (but are not necessarily limited to):

  • Developing an article for a peer-reviewed journal
  • Developing a book chapter
  • Transforming a PhD thesis into a book manuscript
  • Developing pilot research for a new project
  • Preparing a grant proposal for their own postdoctoral work

The activity must be completed within 12 months of receipt of the prize.

2021 Winners

BRISMES Early Career Development Prize

Dr Mustafa Khedewi

From the Prize Committee: The applicant’s publication plan is detailed and in line with the prize’s objective. The applicant is currently engaged in revising their PhD thesis and turning it into a book, while applying for the prize to develop a peer-reviewed journal article focusing on the role of Al-Azhar in the making of the 2012 Constitution. The topic is highly relevant and impactful. The article will contribute to the current scholarship on Egyptian politics and beyond in a significant way. The proposed activity is therefore original in terms of content and research-wise. The publication plan will help the applicant to advance their career, enhancing both their credibility and visibility as a researcher and the field of study as a whole. The article builds on the applicant’s PhD work, so it is coherent with the career trajectory. Finally, the publication plan is feasible and realistic.

BRISMES Early Career Development Prize

Dr Dina Zayed

From the Prize Committee: The application is impressive, coherent, thoughtful and original. Its strongest merits stem from the clarity with which the applicant approaches their work and the contribution/intervention they seek to make in bringing climate change justice into conversation with Middle East Studies. They have really thought through the content as well as the appropriate journal for publishing action-research and ethnographic engagements with climate change in Alexandria – themes/methods that rarely appear in any of the journals or fields they are targeting. Overall, the application clearly pointed to the importance, urgency and originality of the work being done. We were very impressed with the focus and feasibility of the research plan, and the clarity with which the application was developed. We also feel assured that the prize would be an important contribution to the applicant’s career trajectory, and see it as an essential component to building their publication record.


  • The applicant must be a BRISMES member by the time the application is submitted
  • The applicant must have submitted a PhD dissertation in the last 2 years in any disciplinary field, on a topic related to the study of the Middle East and North Africa and must not have a permanent academic position when they receive the grant

How to apply

Applicants must send a CV (4 pages max) and a statement of interest (1000 words max) to including the following details:

  • A description of the activity for which support is requested (include specific details of the timeline/scope of work, target journals, granting bodies, publisher, scope of pilot research, etc…
  • An explanation of how the proposed activity will benefit the applicant’s career path
  • A description of the activity’s contribution to the field of Middle East Studies.

Deadline: 30 April 2022


Applicants will submit a narrative summary of completed activities within 3 months after the prize period has ended (500 words max).

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