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IASA Lecture by Dr. Janet M. Purdy 'Carved Doors as Historical Documents in Zanzibar, Oman, and Beyond.'
14/06/2021 5:30pm
This talk focuses on the ways carved doors function as primary historical documents. Insights drawn from extensive comparative visual analysis that situates Zanzibar doors within a broader range of examples from Oman, the Swahili coast, Gujarat, and more, reveal regional affinities and multi-vocal expressions as reflections of individual histories and cultural exchange.
Responding to the Challenges of Statelessness in the MENA (Webinar)
15/06/2021 3:00pm
LSE Middle East Centre
This webinar, co-organised with Boston University School of Law's International Human Rights Clinic, will explore research outputs from their project on the challenges of statelessness in the region. The webinar will explore trends such as the link between statelessness and displacement, children's rights, civil documentation, and discrimination, highlighting region-wide advocacy initiatives that can fill in knowledge gaps on this issue and address statelessness challenges.
Paper Launch: Politically Sanctioned Corruption and Barriers to Reform in Iraq
17/06/2021 2:00pm
Chatham House
This webinar, part of the Iraq Initiative project, will see the launch of a new Chatham House research paper, 'Politically Sanctioned Corruption and Barriers to Reform in Iraq', and a discussion from the authors, policymakers and other experts on the nature of Iraq's politically sanctioned corruption, the role of the special grades, and what international policymakers can do to navigate the nature of power and corruption within the Iraqi state, and insodoing, support meaningful reform. This webinar will be held on the record and will be livestreamed on the MENA Programme Facebook page.
Gender in Muslim Contexts, Online Summer Programme
28/06/2021 9:00am - 06/07/2021 5:00pm
Aga Khan University Institute for the Study of Muslim Civilisations
The nine-day course will be held online. Run by leading experts on gender and Islam, the programme will bring together scholars and students from diverse backgrounds to discuss key issues in the study of gender in Muslim contexts. The programme is designed in collaboration with Simon Fraser University, Centre for Comparitive Muslim Studies, Ca' Foscari University of Venice and the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies and will feature lecturers and guest speakers from partner institutions.? ?To apply for this course, please complete the online form by 16 April.
Call for Papers: Gramsci in the Middle East and North Africa
13/09/2021 11:00pm
LSE Middle East Centre
Abstracts are invited for an upcoming conference on Gramsci in the Middle East and North Africa. In thinking about our contemporary moment in historical context, Antonio Gramsci has emerged as a popular theorist in work focused on resistance, revolution, popular movements, capitalism, political economy, memory, temporality, transnationalism and internationalism. This conference aims to bring together scholars working with Gramsci on any of these themes, with the ultimate aim of publishing a Special Issue on Gramsci in the Middle East and North Africa.
Religious Cultural Heritage: Concepts and Issues in the Modern Middle East
22/10/2021 1:30pm
AKU Institute for the Study of Muslim Civilisations
This is a two-day introductory course on the theme of religious cultural heritage (RCH) in the Middle East. It aims to contextualise RCH as the living cultural heritage of its community of users. In addition, the course attempts to present RCH as a contemporary construct of its socio-political and religious context through its connections to ethnicity, gender, nationalism, as much as religion.