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Tuesday 24th November 2020

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London Palestine Film Festival
13/11/2020 9:00am - 26/11/2020 11:00pm
London Palestine Film Festival
The London Palestine Film Festival aims to create a stimulating platform that brings together filmmakers, scholars and the public in order to encourage crucial dialogue regarding Palestine's film industry, its culture and its politics. This year's programme offers cinema screenings at the Barbican, as well as online streams (available across the UK) of a selection of the latest works exploring Palestine. From feature dramas to documentaries, there's a film for everyone. #LPFF2020
Iraq: Navigating Reform, Collapse and the Status Quo (Virtual Conference)
23/11/2020 11:30am - 25/11/2020 10:30am

At the 2019 Chatham House Iraq conference, the country's transition to a period of peace and stability was on the agenda. A year later, Iraq looks to be in an altogether more precarious place, once again facing the possibility of the outbreak of conflict. This virtual conference, part of the Chatham House Iraq Initiative, will bring together Iraqi and international policymakers, academics and activists to discuss the critical issues for Iraq as it navigates this challenging period. The conference will be held on the record.
China's Engagement and Relations with Iran
24/11/2020 5:30pm
SOAS Middle East Institute
China has been leading the Middle East/West Asia's ‘Asianization' since the late 1990s and has emerged as the primary trading and investment partner of ME/WAsian countries. PRC-IRI relations in this process stand out for both geopolitical and ideo-political reasons. These relations have blossomed since the 1990s, a process of tentative engagement and warming of relations which both parties have viewed positively since the collapse of the Soviet state and the opening up of the Asian landmass to Asia's traditional powers.
Black Monuments Matter
05/10/2020 9:00am - 31/03/2021 5:00pm
The Aga Khan University's Institute for the Study of Muslim Civilisations and the Zamani Project at the University of Cape Town
The Aga Khan University Institute for the Study of Muslim Civilisations and the Zamani Project at the University of Cape Town are pleased to present the online exhibition "Black Monuments Matter". Black Monuments Matter recognises and highlights African contributions to world history by exhibiting World Heritage Monuments and architectural treasures from Sub-Saharan Africa. In doing so, this exhibition sweeps away ideas based on racist theories and hopes to contribute to both awareness of African identity and pride of African Heritage.