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Thursday 16th July 2020

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Liverpool Arab Arts Festival 2020
09/07/2020 10:00am - 18/07/2020 10:00pm
Liverpool Arab Arts Festival
Every July the Liverpool Arab Arts Festival brings a celebration of Arab culture to venues across Liverpool and showcases the richness of Arab culture through a packed programme of visual art, music, dance, film, theatre, literature and special events. Covid-19 means that the festival will be moving online. It means that many more people may be able to tune in and to connect with our festival events, from the comfort of their homes or screens. Digital events are free and 100% of all donations received will go towards artists and commissioning new work in 2021.
Houses Built on Sand: Sovereignty, Violence and Revolution in the Middle East
16/07/2020 3:00pm
LSE Middle East Centre
This is an online launch for Simon Mabon's latest book Houses Built on Sand: Sovereignty, Violence and Revolution in the Middle East. Combining an innovative theoretical approach with interviews with people across the region and beyond, Mabon paints a picture of Middle Eastern politics dominated by elites seeking to maintain power and wealth, seemingly at whatever cost. This book is essential reading for those interested in understanding why the uprisings took place, their geopolitical consequences, and why they are likely to happen again.
Webinar: The Global Influence of The Arabian Nights
16/07/2020 4:00pm
The Bookseller supported by The Sheikh Zayed Book Award
Spanning centuries and continents, The Arabian Nights is a monument to world literature and the ageless art of storytelling. The impact and legacy of the Nights is often underestimated, although its influence on modern literature - from Marcel Proust and James Joyce to Vladimir Nabokov and Margaret Atwood - is unmistakable. This discussion will unpack the legacy of the Nights and explore its place in western literary traditions.