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Friday 21st May 2021

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Islam and Constitutions. The Law and Politics of Sharia Provisions - Online Course
12/05/2021 5:00pm - 26/05/2021 7:30pm
Why all the hype about Islam when drafting a constitution? Why are constitutions so central, to begin with? And what is the politics around references to Islam in them? What are, in particular, the sharia provisions, and how do they work? This online course introduces participants to the conceptual foundations of constitutional law, the articulations of State-Islam relations in contemporary constitutions, and the various models of sharia provisions in a comparative perspective. Sharia provisions, in particular, are considered both in terms of their wording and the overall design.
Mosques in Sub-Saharan Africa
21/05/2021 1:30pm
AKU Institute for the Study of Muslim Civilisations
This short course provides the basis for understanding and critically examining the development of Islam in Sub-Saharan Africa. It approaches architecture through building materials and African construction techniques, from earthen monuments to coral stone buildings. Two important themes will be developed: first, the diffusion of ideas, people and material cultures across the Sahara Desert; second, the role of Islam in the building of maritime regional identities, international trading networks and urbanisation of the Swahili coast.
21/05/2021 11:50pm
Institute of Middle Eastern Studies, King's College London
The convenors invite proposals for the October 7, 2021 Symposium - under the theme "Conflict, Climate, and Civil Society: Tracing (In)Stability, Challenges and Change from Iran to the Gulf". We invite especially early career researchers and PhD students to submit proposals for presentations to identify and discuss the cross-cutting themes amongst the different realities of the Persian Gulf countries as well as to provide insights into the current challenges, dominating narratives and emerging opportunities.