Libya's Fragmentation: Structure and Process in Violent Conflict
22/10/2020 1:00pm

After the overthrow of the Qadhafi regime in 2011, Libya witnessed a dramatic breakdown of centralised power. Countless local factions carved up the country into a patchwork of spheres of influence. Lacher's book analyses the forces that have shaped the country's trajectory since 2011. Based on hundreds of interviews with key actors in the conflict, it shows how war transformed pre-existing social structures. The book places the social ties of actors at the centre of analysis and explores the links between violent conflict and social cohesion.

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Wolfram Lacher - German Institute for International and Security Affairs

Sherine El Taraboulsi - McCarthy Overseas Development Institute

Jessica Watkins - LSE Middle East Centre (Chair)

United Kingdom



Online - Zoom (registration required)


LSE Middle East Centre