Political Repression in Bahrain (Webinar)
10/11/2020 1:00pm

This event will be a discussion around Marc Owen Jones' latest book Political Repression in Bahrain. Considering several episodes of contention in Bahrain, from tribal resistance to the British reforms of the 1920s, the rise of the Higher Executive Committee in the 1950s, the leftist agitation of the 1970s, the 1990s Intifada and the 2011 Uprising, Marc Owen Jones offers never before seen insights into the British role in Bahrain, as well as the activities of the Al Khalifa ruling family.

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Marc Owen Jones (Hamad bin Khalifa University)

Chair: Madawi Al-Rasheed (LSE Middle East Centre)

United Kingdom



Online - Zoom (registration required)


LSE Middle East Centre