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Revolution and Revolt: Understanding the Forms and Causes of Change

26-28 March 2012, London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

The Middle East Centre at LSE will host the British Society for Middle Eastern Studies (BRISMES) annual conference on 26-28 March 2012. The conference will be held in association with the European Association for Middle Eastern Studies (EURAMES) and theAsian Federation of Middle East Associations.

The unprecedented uprisings in the Middle East over the past year have drawn comparisons with a wide scope of revolts from the French Revolution to the fall of the Berlin Wall. This conference seeks to place the focus on a multi-disciplinary consideration of the local and regional sources and forces which have fuelled the uprisings, as well as the narratives of the events. In addition to an emphasis on dynamics within and interpretations of the uprisings, presenters are encouraged to reflect on what the events may mean for the study of the region.

The conference will also highlight the areas of research undertaken by the BRISMES research networks:

  • Clerical Authority in Shiite Islam
  • Critical Middle East Studies
  • Faith, Politics and Society
  • Liberation, Domination and Expression
  • Resistance, Representation and Identity

And an additional sub-theme organised by LLAS Centre for languages, linguistics and area studies with the sponsorship of the Higher Education Academy Islamic Studies Network:

  • Teaching and learning about Islam and Muslims in UK higher education

As in previous BRISMES conferences, panels on topics not covered by the overall theme or the research networks maybe also be proposed. Individual papers, however, will not be accepted unless they are relevant to the overall theme, relevant to the research network sessions, or integral to a panel proposed on the topic.

Non-presenting conference participants are warmly welcomed.