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New Directions in Safavid Studies

16.15 – 18.15
Chair: Andrew Newman, IMES, University of Edinburgh

Sponsored by the Iran Heritage Foundation

The Limits of “Orthodoxy”?: Notes on the Anti-Abu Muslim Polemic of Early 11th/17th Iran

Andrew Newman, IMES, University of Edinburgh

The present essay examines three treatises in the anti-Ab? Muslim polemic of early 17th c Safavid Iran.  These three are the only essays remaining of some 24 works inveighing against Ab? Muslim in the first half of the 11th/17th century. The three have been mentioned in passing in the secondary literature, including in works by the present author, as among those many works penned in defense of one M?r Law?? who had been attacked for his own criticism of popular veneration of Ab? Muslim. To date, however, the actual texts have yet to be discussed in any detail, either in their own right or in comparison with each other

Futuvvat-namehs of Late Safavid Period and the Eighteenth Century Iran

Maryam Moazzen, University of Louisville, Kentucky, USA

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Alireza Anisi, Iranian Research Institute for Cultural Heritage and Tourism