Venue Info 2019

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We look forward to welcoming you to the University of Leeds! Our Registration Desk will be located near the Information Desk in Parkinson Court. This can be found just inside the main entrance of the university (off Woodhouse Lane).

Here is a campus map which shows the location of the buildings we will be using for panel sessions, our two plenary sessions, and our conference dinner. There is level floor access between all the buildings we will be using, and conference-branded signage will help delegates to navigate the relevant routes.

Panel sessions will take place in the Parkinson Building (#60), the Michael Sadler Building (#78), and the Baines Wing (#58). The plenary sessions will take place in the Rupert Beckett Lecture Theatre (in the Michael Sadler Building). The conference dinner will take place in the Refectory (#29).

Delegates are welcome to use the Emmanuel Centre Prayer Room (#62 on the map) throughout the conference, and we have also set aside Michael Sadler LG17 as an additional Quiet Room/Interfaith Prayer Room should you wish to use this.

We have set aside Michael Sadler SR1.19 for any delegates who may be attending with a small child, in case you need a place to nurse or a space away from the hubbub of the conference.


Please be advised that photography will be taking place at the University of Leeds over the duration of the BRISMES conference (24 – 26 June 2019). If you do not wish to appear in any images captured please tell us so that we can take appropriate steps to ensure you are not included.

Photographs will be published on the BRISMES conference website ( and may be posted on BRISMES social media channels (Twitter and Facebook pages). They may also be included in BRISMES circulations such as the monthly newsletter. Photographs will be securely stored as with any other type of personal data, and will be accessible to BRISMES staff. Photographs will be deleted after a period of approximately two years.