Nominees for BRISMES Council (2023-2026)

Adham Saouli (University of St Andrews) 

Adham Saouli is Professor of International Relations and Middle East Politics and Director of Teaching at the School of International Relations, University of St Andrews. His research focuses on state formation, social movements, and international relations of the Middle East region. Saouli has published more than 25 peer-reviewed studies, including the Arab State: Dilemmas of Late Formation; Hezbollah: Socialisation and its Tragic Ironies; and edited Unfulfilled Aspirations: Middle Power politics in the Middle East. Saouli joined the University of St Andrews in 2014. He was Post-doctoral Research Fellow at University College, Dublin (2008-2010), Lecturer of Politics and International Relations at the University of Edinburgh (2009-2014), and Visiting Associate Professor at the Doha Institute of Graduate Studies (2018-2020)

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