Nominees for the BRISMES Committee on Academic Freedom (2024-2027)

Nasrin Ashrafi

Nasrin Ashrafi

Dr. Nasrin Ashrafi is a postdoctoral researcher at KU Leuven's Translation and Intercultural Transfer Research Unit in Belgium and a senior member at the Netherlands Interuniversity School for Islamic Studies (NISIS) and Leuven Centre for the Study of Islam, Culture and Society (LCSICS). Her expertise encompasses the sociology of translation, diaspora studies, and politics of literary publishing. She completed her PhD in Translation Studies in Iran. Later, she was awarded a four-year fellowship (2019-2023) from the Flemish Research Institute of Belgium (FWO) for her project titled Women's Intellectual Labor: The Interface of Gender, Literature, and Politics in Modern Iran. In October 2023, she organized the international conference on Women and the Politics of Translation in/of the Middle East: Encounters, Dynamics, and Prospects. This landmark event brought together scholars from diverse backgrounds to explore critical issues at the intersection of gender, politics, and translation in the Middle East.

Dr. Ashrafi’s academic trajectory reflects her dual background, enriched by scholarly experiences in Iran and Europe. This unique perspective not only enriches her research but also underscores her dedication to promoting academic freedom and fostering cross-cultural dialogue, both within and beyond the Middle Eastern region.

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