Nominees for BRISMES Council (2023-2026)

Paola Rivetti (Dublin City University)

Paola Rivetti is an Associate Professor in Politics and International Relations. She holds a PhD in History and Social Sciences from Siena U and an MA in Political Science and IR from Turin U, and held previous positions at Milano Bicocca U, Turin U, the Catholic University of Milan, Ecole de Management de Normandie. I held visiting positions at Boğaziçi U, Laval U, University of Montreal (UdeM), Palermo U. Paola was awarded the 2018 Early-Career Researcher of the Year Prize by the Irish Research Council and in 2018, and received the DCU President's Award for Early-Career Researcher. In 2018, she was a TED talk speaker for Trinity College Dublin. My talk was titled What's wrong with solidarity. Her research interests focus on the government of societies and polities in the Middle East and North Africa from a comparative perspective; and on social and political mobilisations. She is in the process of developing a new project on sexual politics and technology in the region and is part of the EROSS research group. She authored numerous scientific as well as non-academic publications on these topics, published in several languages (Persian, English, French, Spanish, Italian) and has carried out extensive field research in the region. 

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