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Please note that BRISMES membership runs from 1 January to 31 December each year.

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**Anyone over the current state pension age and no longer in full time employment is eligible to pay this rate. Similarly, anyone who has been unemployed for a period of more than six months may benefit from this reduced rate, until such time as they find gainful employment.
***Upon graduation, for a period of two years, former student members may also benefit from this reduced rate.

If you would like to pay by standing order, please fill in the standing order form and return it to your bank. Please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it so that we can confirm that payment has been received. 

Principles governing the use of personal data by BRISMES

Your data has always been protected to the required standard and BRISMES will continue to do so under the new GDPR regulation that comes into force on 28 May 2018. The principles that we follow are summarised below.

  • BRISMES collects data on a lawful basis, in order to be able to deliver services which are part of its charitable remit, and to serve its purpose as a Society. Membership data currently includes name, postal/email addresses, telephone number and membership history. Limited information is kept regarding lapsed or resigned members and this can be deleted on request. The data does not include any credit/debit/bank account details, which are destroyed immediately after payment has been logged on the database.
  • The database containing members’ contact details is normally accessed only by the Administrator, who uses a password-protected system. Information may also be accessed occasionally by the Officers (President, Vice-President, Executive Director and Treasurer) as necessary. It is also shared with the Conference Co-ordinator. Information on student members is shared with the President of the Student Section.
  • Your addresses and e-mail addresses are used for the distribution of the hardcopy of the British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies and any other material directly relevant and necessary for your full participation in the activities of BRISMES, including information about the annual conference, AGM, and other events. Your electronic addresses are used for the distribution of the BRISMES Newsletter, and for any queries or communication regarding your membership as well as distribution of other material which we feel may be of interest to you.
  • All information is kept securely on password-protected computers. Other than on these computers, data is occasionally stored in Dropbox. The cloud service Dropbox has a data protection policy that has been strengthened in advance of the GDPR requirements.
  • Taylor and Francis, which publishes the British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies on behalf of BRISMES, arranges delivery of the hardcopy of the Journal and receives a list of postal addresses of members for this purpose. The company is required to have a robust data protection system, including destroying each mailing list after the posting.
  • The web designers receive email addresses of members in order to facilitate login to the members’ only section of the database. The company is required to have a robust data protection system.
  • The Newsletter is produced on Mailchimp and members’ email addresses are therefore stored on this system. Mailchimp is covered by the Privacy Shield Framework.
  • If a member wishes to contact another member we will always ask for permission before passing on an address. Addresses are never communicated to third parties without your express consent
  • Members have a right to ask the Administrator or the Officers of the Society for details of their personal data that BRISMES has in its keeping, and may request that the data be changed, updated or deleted.