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Call for Papers: BRISMES Annual Conference 2022

Exploring and Contesting the (re)production of coloniality in the Middle East: Borders, Transnationalism, and Resistance | 4-6 July 2022 | MECACS, University of St Andrews

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Featured Research

Decolonial Solidarity in Palestine-Israel: Settler Colonialism and Resistance from Within

Recent years have seen the Israeli state become ever more extreme in its treatment of Palestinians, manifested both in legislation stripping Palestinians...

Problematizing Law, Rights, and Childhood in Israel/Palestine

In this book, Hedi Viterbo radically challenges our picture of law, human rights, and childhood, both in and beyond the Israel/Palestine context. He reveals...

No Bread, No Freedom, No Social Justice: How EU– Egyptian Human Rights Discourse Undermines Democracy

Conventional approaches to democratization in the Middle East take for granted the priority of some civil–political rights (e.g., voting) over others...

Sexuality, nationalism and the other: the Arabic literary canon between Orientalism and the Nahḍa discourse at the fin de siècle

This article examines the dual and paradoxical conception of the Arabic literary canon in Orientalist and Nahḍa discourses in the nineteenth and early...

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REMINDER: With exactly two months till the deadline for your submission to the BRISMES 2022 Annual Conference in



'Decolonisation in Performance Studies'. Special Issue of Global Performance Studies. Deadline: 15



- Join CBRL on 29 September for this event looking at 'The of scarcity in the



Papers and panels outside of this theme will also be considered! So no matter what your work is on, please consider submitting



Our theme this year is 'Exploring and Contesting the (re)production of coloniality in the Middle East: Borders, Tra

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