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Our provisional 2022 conference programme is now available and registration is open for non-presenting delegates. The deadline for registration is 3 June 2022.

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We work to encourage and promote interest in Middle East Studies and to raise awareness of the region and how it is connected to other parts of the world, including the UK.

Membership of BRISMES is open to those professionally and/or personally interested in the MENA region

We organise events relevant to Middle East Studies and host an online MENA-related Events Calendar

The British Journal for Middle Eastern Studies (BJMES) publishes research on all aspects of the Middle East

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We advocate on issues that are relevant to our work to encourage and promote interest in Middle East Studies

Featured Research

Anti-Veiling Campaigns in Turkey: State, Society and Gender in the Early Republic (Sevgi Adak)

In this comprehensive analysis of the anti-veiling campaigns in interwar Turkey, Sevgi Adak casts light onto the historical context within which the meanings...

The Unfinished History of the Iran-Iraq War: Faith, Firepower, and Iran’s Revolutionary Guards (Annie Tracy Samuel)

The Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC), founded after the Iranian Revolution in 1979, is one of the most powerful and prominent but least understood...

Interview | Yaser Alashqar

In this interview with E-International Relations, Yaser Alashqar discusses the role of external actors in the Israel-Palestine conflict, plus the impact...

Ferocious and Fragile: Egypt and the Myth of ‘Authoritarian Stability’ (Gennaro Gervasio & Andrea Teti)

After a brief moment during the 2010-11 Arab Uprisings in which the EU and major Western governments admitted that their support for Middle Eastern autocrats...

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Our 2022 conference program is now available and registration is open! We have an exciting 3 days of plenaries, p



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The Database of Expertise in Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies provides a publicly available list of MENA experts with their research and areas of expertise.

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