Nominees for the BRISMES Committee on Academic Freedom (2024-2027)

Amira Abdelhamid

Amira Abdelhamid

Prior to joining academia, I spent six years monitoring and researching violations of academic freedom and student rights in Egyptian universities, advocating for the protection of the academic community both locally and abroad. After transitioning into academia, I gained valuable experience as a lecturer in International Relations at the University of Portsmouth, where I encountered firsthand restrictions on my academic freedom. Throughout these challenges, the BRISMES Committee on Academic Freedom provided crucial support, offering deep insight into the significant and impactful work the committee does. This experience has motivated me to apply for this role, driven by a desire to give back and support others in similar situations. In addition to my advocacy work, I have conducted extensive scholarly research on authoritarianism in SWANA. This research has further deepened my understanding of the complexities and challenges faced by academics and students in these environments. My background in human rights advocacy, coupled with my academic research, has equipped me with the skills to effectively engage with government entities, professional associations, and universities on issues related to academic freedom.

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