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Book Launch | Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates: Foreign Policy and Strategic Alliances in an Uncertain World

Organiser: BISA Foreign Policy Working Group (FPWG)

Speaker: Dr Robert Mason (Co-Convener of BISA FPWG)

The year 1973 is usually considered the great equaliser among major oil producers. But the 'Visions' strategies of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, a so-called middle power and small state in the Middle East regional system, point to broadening economic relations as a great enhancer of economic power. This book explores the impact of regime type and leadership style on the two countries' foreign policies. It reveals how autonomy and influence, threat perception and alliance patterns are folded into the complex and personal riyal politik and economic statecraft that sit at the core of their international relations. In this talk, the author will discuss the domestic drivers of foreign policy in both countries and present his conceptual findings, including with reference to regional and international inputs. There will be a Q and A session afterwards.

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Monday Majlis - Salafism: The Vanguard of the Islamic World?

Organiser: Centre for the Study of Islam, Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies, University of Exeter

Speaker: Massimo Ramaioli (Assistant Professor and Coordinator in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Al-Akhawayn University in Ifrane, Morocco)

Salafism has emerged as one of the most prominent movements in the contemporary Islamic world. Yet, it is not just a mere attempt to bring back the cherished community of the early days of Islam. Instead, Salafism represents an instance of vanguardism - where a group claims access to truth, and sets out to steer history accordingly. In this sense, Salafism stands for a modern, dare we say radical, understanding of politics.

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Yemen & Ethiopia: Archaeology& Movement Across the Red Sea

Organiser: The British Yemeni Society

Speaker: Richard Lee (Archaeologist and Winner of the British Yemeni Society 2022 Academic Award)

This talk will investigate the first millennium BC relationship defined by the trade in obsidian between Yemen and Ethiopia. Archaeological evidence suggests that the burgeoning exchange in obsidian from Ethiopia to South Arabia was a contributory factor in the development of social complexity in Tigray ca 800 BC. Exogenous influence from South Arabian-Yemen material culture significantly shapes the pre-Aksumite character during the first and second millennium BC. The exchange process indicates that there was a movement of people across the long distances and challenging topographies between the Ethiopian Tigray highlands and the Yemen Tihamah. Based on current PhD research this talk will examine what we currently understand of this exchange and the future of its research.

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Book Launch | Tunisia's Economic Development: Why Better than Most of the Middle East but Not East Asia

Organiser: LSE Middle East Centre

Speakers: Mustapha K. Nabli (Economist); Jeffrey B. Nugent (University of Southern California); Leila Baghdadi (University of Tunis); Mohamed Ali Marouani (Université Paris1-Panthéon-Sorbonne)

Chair: Hassan Hakimian (LSE/HBKU)

This panel, co-organised with Hamad Bin Khalifa University, will be the launch of Tunisia's Economic Development: Why Better than Most of the Middle East but not East Asia co-authored by Mustapha K. Nabil and Jeffrey B. Nugent. This book has recently been published as part of the Routledge Political Economy of the Middle East and North Africa Series edited by Hassan Hakimian.

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CPS Annual Lecture 2023: Fighting apartheid in South Africa and Israel: The responsibility of intellectuals

Organiser: Centre for Palestine Studies, SOAS

Speaker: Professor Salim Vally (Director for the Centre for Education Rights and Transformation and Chair in Community, Adult and Worker Education, Professor in the Faculty of Educatin, University of Johannesburg and Visiting Professor at Nelson Mandela University)

This lecture will be framed by Edward Said’s 1993 Reith lecture, ‘Representations of the Intellectual’; Antonio Gramsci’s ideas about the role of organic intellectuals and the views of Neville Alexander, one of South Africa’s foremost public intellectuals and former Robben Island prisoner on the imperative of intellectuals globally to take a decisive stance on the ongoing ethnic cleansing confronting Palestinians. The urgency of the times and the ethical and political obligation of intellectuals is accentuated in the face of the extreme right-wing Netanyahu/Ben Gvir government’s ramping up of brutality with blanket impunity and the desultory track record of multi-lateral agencies in holding the Israeli state to account.

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Nine Quarters of Jerusalem – A New Biography of the Old City

Tickets are on sale for this fundraising book presentation taking place in Bath for the Spafford Children's Center supporting disadvantaged children & families in East Jerusalem. Matthew Teller will present his acclaimed Nine Quarters of Jerusalem: A New Biography of the Old City.

Tickets are £25 including a Palestinain buffet mezze, wine and soft drinks.

Enquiries: Djemila Cope 07879 844744 or Susie Partridge 07974 916444

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