BRISMES Conference Student Paper Prize

About the Prize

The aim of this prize is to support BRISMES student members in the development of peer-reviewed work. The prize winner will receive £300 and will be mentored through a review process at the British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies (BJMES) by a senior member of the BRISMES academic community. Such a mentor will be identified on the basis of the disciplinary field and topic of the awarded conference paper. In addition, the desk review process will be skipped and the journal will commit to sending the paper directly to external reviewers for the final decision about publication.


  • The applicant must be a BRISMES student member by the time the application is submitted.
  • The applicant must have registered for the Annual Conference.
  • The paper must be on the same topic on which the applicant is presenting at the Annual Conference.
  • The paper needs to be an original unpublished work from any discipline on any topic related to the study of Middle East and North Africa.
  • The only selection criteria is academic excellence.

How to apply

Send the paper with a short biography (150 words max) and CV to, indicating the disciplinary field to which the paper is contributing.

The estimated word count for a typical paper in BJMES is 10,000 words, inclusive of the abstract, tables, references, figure captions.

Deadline: 5pm on Monday, 25 July 2022

2021 Winner

Marianne Dhenin

Attention to Motherhood’: Maternal and Child Welfare, Civil Society, and the State in Twentieth-Century Egypt

Marianne Dhenin's paper ‘Attention to Motherhood’: Maternal and Child Welfare, Civil Society, and the State in Twentieth-Century Egypt examines the development of the health public sector in modern Egypt, looking at how policing women's pregnancies and motherhood was a method to control and depoliticise unruly bodies and social classes. The paper makes an original contribution to the study of Egypt, its history and society, but also makes an important intervention in the analysis of social and power reproduction. The paper is based on primary sources, is theoretically solid and has a strong potential for publication.

BRISMES Conference Student Paper Prize

About the winner

Marianne Dhenin is a PhD candidate in Near and Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Basel, a researcher in the Leibniz Cooperation Project “The Historicity of Democracy in the Arab and Muslim Worlds,” and a member of the academic staff at the Leibniz Institute of European History. Her dissertation explores how public health reforms were used to impose order over contested social spaces and unruly bodies in late 19th- and early 20th-century Egypt.

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