Solidarity Fund

As a Society, we are dedicated to promoting cutting-edge scholarship on the Middle East through engaging with as broad a community of researchers as possible. We are also committed to supporting the work of Global South, early career and doctoral researchers, whose work is vital to Middle East Studies and without whom our field cannot progress. 

We introduced the Solidarity Fund in 2020, with this commitment in mind; in light of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, it is even more urgent that we ensure that BRISMES remains accessible and inclusive. For the 2022 conference, the Solidarity Fund will subsidise registration costs for colleagues based in the Global South, including the MENA region, and those without access to institutional funds or suffering financial hardship.  

We invite members and non-members alike to help us support the participation of our colleagues, by making a donation to the fund.  

Make a donation

To make a donation online to the Solidarity Fund, please use the form below to select the amount you would like to donate. If you would prefer to make a donation by bank transfer, please get in touch by emailing