BRISMES Signs Joint Letter Calling for the Immediate Release of Dr Salah Soltan

BRISMES has joined 50 organisations calling for the release of Dr Salah Soltan, an arbitrarily detained academic in Egypt. 

The Egyptian authorities should immediately release Salah Soltan, the arbitrarily detained father of a prominent US human rights defender, 51 human rights organizations said today. The authorities should ensure his immediate and urgent access to life-saving health care and conduct effective and transparent investigations into reports that he has been tortured and otherwise ill-treated.

The Freedom Initiative, 3 May 2023

The signatories "believe that the Egyptian authorities’ abuse of Dr Soltan, a legal US permanent resident, appears to be in retaliation for the human rights work of his son, Mohamed Soltan, who lives in the USA".

Allison McManus, the Freedom Initiative’s Managing Director notes that "[a]s long as Soltan remains behind bars, his American family cannot feel truly safe and secure. The USA should not only stand up for Soltan’s rights, but it should also protect the rights of his family".