Call for Nominations for BRISMES Secretary and Vacancies on BRISMES Council (2023-2026)

Nominations are invited for the position of BRISMES Secretary and for four vacancies on BRISMES Council. The terms for these positions will be three years (July 2023- July 2026).

Please read the job descriptions below before submitting a nomination: 

Please note:

  • All nominations must have a proposer and a seconder (interested members may nominate themselves and ask two other colleagues to second the nomination).
  • Proposers must have obtained the agreement of both the nominee and the seconder. 
  • Proposers, seconders and nominees must be members of BRISMES. Please email Amy Brickhill at if you need to check your membership status or if you have any questions about the nomination process.
  • Proposers must provide a biographical summary of the nominee (around 250 words), which will then be circulated to members should an election be necessary.  The election will be conducted online by secret ballot. 

Completed nominations slips must be returned to the BRISMES Office ( by 5pm on 2 May 2023.