Letter to Achva Academic College Regarding Dismissal of Dr. Uri Horesh

The BRISMES Committee on Academic Freedom has written to Professor Yifat Bitton, president of Achva Academic College, in order to express our profound concern over the dismissal of Dr. Uri Horesh.

It is our understanding that Dr. Horesh, who served as senior lecturer of linguistics, had his employment terminated by Achva Academic College on November 12, 2023, due to two entries that he had posted on his personal Facebook page.

We call on Professor Bitton to publicly restate her commitment to academic freedom and freedom of expression on the Achva Academic College campus, and to rescind the decision to dismiss Dr. Horesh. We also urge the president to remind the chairperson of the College’s union of her obligations to abide by university protocols at all times, and particularly the requirement not to incite against colleagues, even if they express views that she finds offensive or challenging.