Watch 'Contemporary Arabic Literature and Literary Translation'

This panel discussed contemporary Arabic literature and literary translation published in the last dozen years, particularly following the onset of the ‘Arab Spring’. Distinguished international writers, translators and researchers within the Arabic literary (translation) field discussed and reflected on recent developments as well as publishing trends and practices. The panel situated these developments within the changing socio-cultural and political contexts of the Arab world and reflected on the extent to which these contexts and events have affected the production, distribution and reception of Arabic literature in translation.

The panel also examined some of the recently published translated Arabic literature, surveyed its predominant contemporary narratives and showcased their own recent award-winning novels, plays and research projects. Additionally, the speakers shared their inspirations and motivations and discussed the social, cultural and political contexts informing their particular work. Panel members also discussed their writing experience, the challenges they face and the reception of their work in the Arab and Western worlds.

Chair: Dr Hanem El-Farahaty (Associate Professor of Arabic Translation and Interpreting, University of Leeds and BRISMES Council Member)

Discussant: Dr Abdel-Wahab Khalifa (Lecturer in Translation and Interpreting, Cardiff University)