Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question about the 2023 BRISMES conference, we hope that you find the answer below. If not, please contact Rosa Sansone, Conference Coordinator, at

1. Submissions

When do submissions open?

Submissions for the 2023 BRISMES Annual Conference are now closed. 

Can we submit an abstract as co-authors?

Yes. If both authors will be attending the conference, please use the dual-authored paper submission form. Both authors will have to register for the conference if they wish to present the paper jointly. If the paper is co-authored but only one of you is presenting the work, please submit the paper as an individual and e-mail us at with your co-author’s details, so that we can credit them accordingly on the programme. Please ensure to copy your co-author on the e-mail.

Do you accept abstracts from undergraduate students?

Yes. All papers will be considered on their academic merits.

In the submission form, what should I write under institutional affiliation?

Before filling out your affiliation, please read the Policy on Land or Territorial Acknowledgement, especially if you come from colonised or occupied land:

How many people should be in a panel? Is there a minimum or maximum number of papers?

Pre-organised panels should include a minimum of three papers (and a maximum of five). Please arrange a chair for your panel. It is preferable that the chair is not a paper presenter.

​How many participants should be in a roundtable? Is there a minimum or maximum number of participants?

Roundtables should include a minimum of three participants (and a maximum of five). Please arrange a chair for your roundtable. Organisers must submit a 250 word abstract for the roundtable and a sentence from each participant on their contribution.

Should I send my CV as well as my abstract?

No, please do not send CVs as additional attachments. The form through which you submit your paper/panel proposal asks you for all the information we require.

Can we submit a co-organised panel?

Yes. The submission form is formatted to accept the details of a single panel organiser, but we can of course accept a co-organised panel. Please use the panel submission form to complete the details and then e-mail with your panel co-organiser’s details so that we can incorporate these into the submission. Please ensure to copy your co-organiser on the e-mail.

Will I receive confirmation of my abstract submission?

Yes – you will receive an automated email response to your submission. Please do check junk mail or spam folders.

​When will I find out if my abstract has been accepted?

The outcome notification date is 2 February 2023. If you will not receive a response regarding your submission, please e-mail

2. The Programme

When will the conference programme be published?

The conference programme will be available after registration.

When will the conference start and finish?

The conference will begin on Monday 3 July and finish on Wednesday 5 July 2023. 

3. Presenting

Will I be able to present my paper online?

The 2023 BRISMES conference is planned to be held fully in person at the University of Exeter. We ask you to please register for the conference only if you plan to attend and present your paper in person. 

How long should my paper presentation be at this year’s BRISMES?

Each presenter should speak for no more than 20 minutes, in order to allow plenty of time for each presentation and for a discussion/Q&A with the audience afterwards. Our suggested word count guideline for this is 2000-2200, but you may wish to tailor this to any visual aids or other elements to cover during your talk. You are welcome to use PowerPoint slides if you wish to. We recommend that you send us a copy of your presentation so we can provide a back-up and have it loaded up in advance for you on the day. If you wish to avail of this, please send your presentation to

What is the Policy on Land or Territorial Acknowledgement?

In alignment with the UN Declaration, this policy is that when registering for the BRISMES conference participants will:

  • acknowledge the traditional owners of the land on which the institution to which they are affiliated is located, and/or: 
  • acknowledge the traditional owners of the land on which research was conducted. 

For more information, please read the Policy here:

4. Registering

How do I register for the 2023 conference if I am a presenter?

If you will be accepted to present at the conference, you will receive an email notification with a link inviting you to confirm your attendance by registering for the conference.

Are there any fee waivers available?

Yes, some bursaries will be available through the Solidarity Fund to subsidize registration fees, Visa and accommodation costs for colleagues without access to institutional funds or suffering financial hardship.

What is the deadline for registration for speaking delegates for the 2023 conference?

The deadline for registration will be announced after the outcome notification date (2 February 2023).

Can I attend the conference if I am not presenting a paper?

Yes, people not presenting can definitely attend.

I am not a BRISMES member. Can I become a member to avail of the reduced conference registration rates?

Yes! BRISMES members are eligible for discounted registration rates for the annual conference as well as a number of other benefits. Please see here for further information about BRISMES membership.

I have registered for the conference but I am no longer able to attend. Can I get a refund of my registration fees?

Yes, you can cancel your registration and request a refund by emailing and CCing An administration fee of £35 will be deducted from the total amount you paid.

5. Post-Conference

Can I obtain a document confirming my participation in the conference?

Yes, we can produce this for you following the conclusion of the conference: please send us a request for this to

Is there a possibility of publishing my paper?

Although the BRISMES Conference itself does not involve a direct route to publication, please note that BRISMES produces The British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies. Five issues of this journal are published each year, and BRISMES members receive a copy of these as part of their membership. Please see here for more information about the journal.