Nominees for Graduate Section Co-President (2023-2026)

Fatima Dhanani (SOAS University of London)

I am a PhD student at SOAS working on the impact of legal pluralism in Lebanon on Muslim, Christian and Druze communities. My research will be situated in post-colonial and feminist theories with an interest in multiculturalism, class and power relations, and the ideal of pluralism. For the last four years, I have been working at the Aga Khan University in London for the Faculty of Arts and Sciences where I am responsible for strategic communications and stakeholder engagement. I am also a Graduate Teaching Assistant for Legal Systems in Asia and Africa.

Through my volunteer work, I have held governance positions where I have been responsible for educational development and its strategic direction. In this role I instituted a three-year capacity building programme for educators as well as numerous religious education initiatives for diverse audiences across Europe.

I have relevant experience running conferences and events, managing teams, and executing an institutional vision it for the benefit of my constituents – all skills I would employ in this role.

I am interested in the role of Co-President for the BRISMES Graduate Section as I believe in the work of the Society, and I would like to contribute to its governance efforts. Moreover, I would promote the mandate and work of BRISMES and represent the needs of its student members to the wider governing body by suggesting opportunities, challenges and ways of increasing engagement. I am committed to the work of BRISMES and look forward to serving its student members.

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