Nominees for Graduate Section Co-Presidents (2024-2027)

Motasem Abuzaid

Motasem Abuzaid

Motasem Abuzaid is a doctoral student in Politics at the University of Oxford (St Antony’s College). Prior to joining the Department of Politics and International Relations, he completed two master’s degrees in Sociology (Marmara University) and Arab Studies (Georgetown). His research is broadly concerned with the study of ethnic and political violence under authoritarian contexts in the Middle East. This includes interlinked projects based on a mixed-methods approach: collective action under high-risk repressive conditions; sub-national affiliations in authoritarian coercive formations; and the changing nature of revolutions since the 1980s with a particular focus on the urban-suburban dimension.

Abuzaid's background in Middle Eastern studies is drawn from life and work experience in diverse countries in the region. His commitment to enhancing scholarly collaboration has led to the development of graduate networks aimed at fostering knowledge exchanges between students in the Middle East and Western institutions.

These efforts are highlighted by his role in organizing two key workshops that brought together researchers focusing on Arab revolutions, political violence, and innovative research methodologies. These workshops, for which Abuzaid has successfully secured funding, offered tailored training and career development activities to participants. Further extending these endeavours, he co-founded the Syria Urban Research Project (SUR Project) to encourage interdisciplinary discourse and expand the research community.

Abuzaid’s involvement in organizing panels for discipline-specific and area studies conferences, including BRISMES and MESA, underscores his dedication to the academic community. Given his passion for collaborative research and adept navigation of diverse academic environments, he can contribute to enhancing the opportunities for BRISMES's Graduate members, connecting them with a wide array of scholarly networks both in the region and beyond.

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