BRISMES Welcomes Newly Elected Officers and Council Members

For members who were not able to attend this year’s Annual General Meeting (AGM), which took place on the final day of the annual conference in Exeter, we are happy to report the ratification of the terms of our new and returning Council members: 

  • Feras Alkabani
  • Sabiha Allouche
  • Hanaa Almoaibed
  • Sophie Chamas
  • Marianna Charountaki
  • Wassim Naboulsi
  • Sharri Plonski
  • Paola Rivetti
  • Nazanin Shahrokni
  • Hana Sleiman
  • Lewis Turner

We are also very pleased to report the the ratification of the election of incoming BRISMES Officers José Ciro Martinez (BRISMES Secretary, 2023-2026) and Waseem Farooq (BRISMES Treasurer, 2023-2026).

You can find more information about all members of BRISMES Council on the Council & Staff page of the website.

BRISMES Council extends its appreciation to all members who engaged with the election process with special thanks to all those who agreed to be nominated to serve on BRISMES Council.

The Council also expresses its gratitude to outgoing Council members and to outgoing Secretary, John Chalcraft, and Treasurer, Tim Jacoby, for their dedicated service and leadership.