2022 Early Career Development Prize Winners

The BRISMES Early Career Development Prize was established in 2021 to support activities geared toward strengthening the academic profile and CV of an early career scholar. We are delighted to announce that Dr Narges Ansari and Dr Nur Arafeh have been selected as this year's prize winners.

2022 Early Career Development Prize Winners

Nur Arafeh

From the Prize Committee: The prize will sustain the applicant through one of the most arduous processes for an early career scholar: the transformation of their PhD into a book. Dr. Arafeh will expand on her doctoral thesis and conduct further interviews in Hebron on the role of local elites in the broader Palestinian business class, and wider class structures. At the same time, they will prepare their book manuscript on indigenous industrial elites as “quiet” tools of management within Israel’s colonial apparatus of domination and control...Read more

Narges Ansari

From the Prize Committee: The applicant's proposal has the potential to contribute to novel findings in both the sub-field of Iranian Studies and the larger field of political anthropology. The applicant's research theorises subjectivity in revolutionary Iran going beyond well-established epistemological binaries such as obedience and resistance, coercion and subversion, secular and religious politics...Read more

Congratulations to our winners and thank you to everyone who submitted an application!