Brismes Conference 2021

BRISMES Online Conference 2021

BRISMES brings together those professionally involved in the Middle East to promote Middle Eastern Studies in the UK, and the BRISMES conference is the largest and most prestigious annual UK gathering of scholars and practitioners focussed on the region. At the event, BRISMES invites researchers from all disciplines to explore that year’s theme – or to present any aspect of their Middle East Studies research. The conference moves around the country as it is hosted by a different UK university every year.

This year, due to the ongoing pandemic, the University of Kent will be hosting the conference online.

Publishers’ Exhibition

The BRISMES Publishers’ Exhibition runs every year alongside the conference panels. It is an opportunity for publishers to connect with Middle East experts and practitioners from around the world and share information, publications, and other materials. With this year’s conference shifting online, the BRISMES Publishers’ Exhibition will, for the first time ever, be virtual. This will allow delegates and publishers to connect and interact in exciting and innovative ways.


5-9 July 2021 | School of Politics and IR, University of Kent